This project would not have been possible without the ongoing support of a number of professionals at American University and throughout Washington, D.C.

Maria Ivancin, assistant professor in the School of Communication at American University, for guiding the students in the research, development, distribution and analysis of two separate surveys.

Seth Liss, online managing editor at WAMU 88.5, and Chris Lewis, digital media director at WAMU 88.5, for providing guidance on the overall vision of “Half the Battle.”

Valerie Verra, veterans services administrator at American University, for providing valuable insight into veterans’ collective experience on campus.

Kaitlin Whitman and Jared Angle, from the American University photography lab, for teaching students how to use smartphones for photography.

Lauren Orsini, freelance reporter and adjunct instructor in the School of Communication at American University, for consulting with us on all things WordPress and for providing feedback on choosing templates and designs.

Cristin Duddy, SEO manager at The Travel Channel, for refining our search optimization strategy in our web development.

Patrick Madden, reporter at WAMU, for training us in audio collection and editing techniques.

This project, produced by journalism students at American University, explores the experiences of young veterans as they transition from soldiers to citizens.

Word Clouds From Veteran Survey

What did you miss the most about home?
What did you miss2

Why did you enlist?
Why did you enlist in the military.

From soldier to civilian - what problems did you face?
Challenge of transitioning to civilian life

What difficulties did you face upon returning to college?
Difficulties on returning to college

Word Cloud From Non-Veteran Survey

What challenges do vets face coming home? Non-vets

Top 5 questions veterans told ‘Half the Battle’ they hate being asked:

- Did you kill anyone?
- Do you have PTSD?
- Did you see anybody die?

- Did you get shot at?

- Was it hot?

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